Chris on his wedding day

Chris on his wedding day

Hello! I'm Chris Featherstone - And I'm glad you're here! 

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, I rode BMX and listened to every variety of music I could. I even taught myself to play guitar when I was 16; and I haven't put it down to this day! 

In college, I majored in Engineering; attending and graduating with honors from both Pima Community College and the University Of Arizona. 

After graduating, I began dabbling with photography simply as a hobby...

In the beginning, I took my 'point and shoot' cameras on vacations, then bought my first digital camera, which I took to parties and other social events. My hobby turned into a passion; my camera a constant companion. 

Some people say that engineers don't have the mindset for creativity; but I am willing to argue that. Never did I imagine that I'd fall in love with photography just as much as I had with music! 

In April 2015, I married my beautiful childhood sweetheart, Ashley. We bought our first home together in Tucson, where we create art and music in our home studio.